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Collagen is one of the most important types of protein found in our bodies. It is made up of 19 different amino acids and makes up 30% of all protein in the human body. It is found in connective tissue, cartilage, bone, tendons and skin.

From around the age of 20, collagen production starts to decline and from the age of 30, the decline is faster and the ageing process becomes more pronounced – wrinkles deepen, skin loses elasticity, pigment spots may appear, nails become brittle, cellulite worsens, hair falls out more often and is of poorer quality. Movement is also more strenuous, causing pain in the joints and cartilage. If we want to prolong our youthful appearance and active movement without pain, we need to incorporate quality collagen supplements into our lives.

VERISOL® and FORTIGEL® are collagen-type peptides with specific health benefits. Their very small molecular size allows them to enter our cells. VERISOL® peptides stimulate collagen cells in our skin and FORTIGEL® peptides stimulate collagen cells in our cartilage and joints. Peptides are incomparably more effective than commercial collagen and the results are backed up by studies.

"Startes® collagen peptides have positive effects on the body and are backed up by independent studies. I recommend it to my patients and use it myself for joints and cartilage.

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Do you also come across collagen products which, according to the label, work on the whole of the body? Neutral” collagen does it all, from smoothing out wrinkles to enabling pain-free movement. That would be the case in an ideal world.

The bioactive collagen peptides have been specifically optimised for use in the so-called physiological benefits. The peptides are derived from a highly controlled process for the production of collagen that is determined by the conditions of hydrolysis. This means that bioactive collagen peptides differ in how they function physiologically. They have been optimised to provide maximum stimulation of the human cell types that are involved in the biosynthesis of collagen.

In layman’s terms, there is raw native collagen to begin with, from which a patented manufacturing process produces specific bioactive collagen peptides that, because of their physiological function (e.g. molecular weight), “affect and attract” the cells in the body for which they are “made”. For example, the fibroblast cells we have in our skin are affected by our collagen for “Beauty and Youthfulness”. Collagen for “Joints and Cartilage” acts on the chondrocyte cells that are found in the joints.

Each person’s body responds to collagen supplementation in a different way. In general, you can expect to see results within 8 to 12 weeks (VERISOL®) and 12 to 24 weeks (FORTIGEL®). For the full benefits of collagen, our recommendation is at least 6-9 months of use.

There are many independent studies that prove the benefits of collagen for the body.

With regard to VERISOL®, for example, a 2013 study by the authors of E. Proksch 1, D. Segger, J. Degwert, M. Schunck, V. Zague, S. OesserIn the first group of 69 women aged 35 to 55 years, skin elasticity was increased by up to 15% after 4 weeks of supplementation with VERISOL® (2,500 mg) compared to placebo. In the second group of 100 women aged 45 to 65, wrinkles were significantly reduced and skin collagen levels increased by up to 60%.

A 2015 study by M. Schunck, V. Zague, S. Oesser and E. Proksch looked at 105 women between the ages of 25 and 50, and the ultrasound results showed a significant improvement in skin layers and a reduction in cellulite after 6 months in women with a BMI below 25.

A 2017 study by a group of authors including D. Hexsel, V. Zague, M. Schunck, C. Siega, FO. Camozzato and S. Oesser examined the effect of VERISOL® on nail quality and growth. After 2 months of use, there was a reduction in nail brittleness, and after 6 months the results showed up to 42% less nail brittleness than the placebo control group. There was a statistically significant improvement in nail growth after 3 months of supplementation.

In the recent 2020 study by S. Oesser, VERISOL® was shown to improve hair appearance and texture (strength, thickness and shine). The study enrolled 44 healthy women, aged 39 to 75 years, who were each given 2,500 mg of VERISOL® per day or placebo maltodextrin for 16 weeks. Cell culture monitoring showed a significant 31% increase in human hair follicle cell proliferation. This indicates a positive effect on hair metabolism.

With regard to FORTIGEL®, a study was carried out in 2008 by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in which 147 professional athletes with an average age of 20 years took FORTIGEL® or a placebo for 24 weeks. Improved joint mobility and reduced pain were seen in athletes taking FORTIGEL®.

A study published in 2011 by McAlindon and colleagues examined the long-term effect of FORTIGEL® treatment on hyaline cartilage composition in subjects with early knee osteoarthritis. A total of 30 subjects in one group were randomised to receive a daily dose of 10,000 mg of FORTIGEL® for a period of 48 weeks. In the control group, only a placebo was given. Three MRI scans of the knee were performed on each subject, one at baseline, one at 24 weeks, and a final scan at 48 weeks. Analysis of the cartilage scans showed a statistically significant increase in proteoglycan density in the medial and lateral tibial regions in subjects treated with FORTIGEL® compared to the placebo group. The results show that oral supplementation with FORTIGEL® has a direct effect on human cartilage tissue.

In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by Zdzieblik in 2021, physically active young adults with knee pain (at least 3 hours of exercise per week) received daily supplementation with 5 g of FORTIGEL® collagen peptides or placebo for 12 weeks. The study involved 180 active men and women aged between 18 and 30. They had knee pain caused by exercise but no diagnosed joint disease. The participants were randomly assigned to a group that received 5 g of FORTIGEL® collagen peptides or to a group that received a placebo. Study results show a statistically significant reduction in “pain during activity” after oral administration of FORTIGEL® collagen peptides compared to placebo. This was the opinion of the people in the study and the doctor who was in charge of the study. At the same time, FORTIGEL® collagen peptides have been shown to reduce knee pain during activity and may help prevent the clinical manifestations of chronic degenerative joint disease.

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Although collagen is the most abundant and important type of protein in our bodies, we recommend that you consult your doctor about supplementation during pregnancy. However, it is recommended after childbirth or while breastfeeding – it can help with stressed joints, thicker hair, stronger nails, stretch marks and cellulite.

Our collagen is of animal origin – pork. Pork is structurally and genetically closest to human skin/tissue. It is also used in transplant medicine (e.g. heart valve replacement).

The Startes® Hydrolysed Collagen – Beauty and Youthfulness pack lasts for up to 60 days. The dose may be doubled for the first 30 to 60 days. After that, the normal dose can be continued.
A pack of Startes® Hydrolysed Collagen – Joints and Cartilage lasts for 20 days. As 1 daily dose contains up to 10,000 mg of FORTIGEL®, the dose can be halved (5,000 mg) for people under 35 years of age, and the pack will then last for 40 days. In general, we recommend the standard dose for severe joint damage or pain with movement. For the maintenance phase and as a preventive measure, the dose can be reduced by half.

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We want to offer our customers a natural form of collagen. There are no added sweeteners, preservatives or chemical flavours. This means you can use collagen safely for a long time. You can mix it into any drink, yoghurt or porridge you like.

When collagen is added to water or other liquids, lumps may sometimes form. Allow the collagen to stand in the liquid for a few minutes, then stir again to dissolve the powder completely.

Vitamin C is important for an even better stimulation of the collagen in the body. Research has shown that it stabilises collagen mRNA. This increases collagen protein synthesis to repair damaged skin.