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What is the correct way to store collagen peptides? Is moisture, sun or heat a problem?

In order to maintain long-term freshness and 100% quality, collagen peptides need to be stored in the right way. We recommend storing them in a dry, dark place at a temperature of +3 to +25°C. They do not benefit from direct sunlight or high humidity. This recommendation applies to most vitamin and mineral supplements.

But we know from experience that even +30°C doesn’t affect the quality of our products, so you don’t have to worry about tropical days, whether you’re on holiday or at home.

In addition, our special packaging consists of up to 3 layers. This ensures that sunlight and moisture cannot penetrate the product. For this reason, we do not recommend transferring products into plastic containers. However, if you prefer to store it in its own container, make sure it is protected from direct sunlight, moisture and radiant heat.