ENG Aminoacid proline in collagen Startes

Collagen and the amino acid proline

Proline stimulates collagen synthesis – the formation of new collagen. It gives structure and strength to the skin and is therefore essential for wound healing. Collagen improves skin barrier function, induces hyaluronic acid synthesis and promotes fibroblast growth and migration.

Proline deficiency results in poor muscle and tissue regeneration or impaired wound healing. This amino acid can even strengthen the heart muscle and is beneficial in the treatment of atherosclerosis. It makes the blood vessels more flexible and stronger.

Other beneficial effects of proline include supporting a healthy digestive system (e.g. for leaky gut syndrome), preventing joint pain or contributing to a healthy metabolism in the body. Adding Vitamin C to proline increases its effectiveness.

Read more in the study:
Albaugh V., Mukherjee K., Barbul A.: Proline Precursors and Collagen Synthesis: Biochemical Challenges of Nutrient Supplementation and Wound Healing. The Journal of Nutrition. 2017; Nov 147(11):2011-2017.