About us

We are a young start-up brand, Startes®, bringing a unique range of collagen peptides to the market. Our range includes low molecular weight peptides for beauty and youthfulness, for joints and cartilage to combat progressive joint degeneration, and for tendons and ligaments to accelerate recovery, prevent injury and strengthen ligaments and tendons. Startes® rand collagen peptides have shown excellent effects in clinical studies (see questions and answers in the “What are the study results?” section). We are bringing these collagens to the Czech and Slovak markets without any additives or preservatives. Our goal and vision is to provide our customers with a quality product that brings visible and tangible improvements. Discover the power of collagen peptides in their natural form, without taste, smell, preservatives or sweeteners.

Startes Gabriela Repkova

Gabriela Repková, MS

I have been actively involved in exercise and taking care of my body since I was very young. Since then I have tried many sports. However, as I got older, I felt that my regeneration had deteriorated and, after the age of thirty, I began to notice the aging process. But it was during my stay in Korea that I found the answer to my problems. It was high quality collagen. I spent several years of my life in South Korea. Thanks to this, I got to know the secrets of the local cuisine and the secret of the Koreans’ long-lasting youth and active life was revealed to me. It was a diet rich in collagen and substances that stimulate collagen production in the body. When I returned home, I realised that collagen was under-represented in our European diets. I wanted the most effective collagen in a natural form, without sweeteners and flavourings, and at a reasonable price. And so Startes® was born – an innovative start-up that aims to bring to market high quality dietary and nutritional supplements backed by proven research. At the same time, we strive to provide products that are free of chemical stabilisers and artificial flavours.

david kaninsky

David Káninský

Gabriela and I share the same hobbies, which are health, exercise and sports. We both try to make sure we eat right and take the right supplements. Our goal was not to launch just another “product among many”, but to make a difference that makes sense. So we joined forces and created the Startes® brand. We bring you perfectly soluble pure collagen at the lowest molecular weight. No preservatives. No sweeteners. Odorless. We can add it to yoghurt, different types of porridge or hot tea without changing the taste. I myself have been using Startes® collagen for joints and cartilage for a long time and I can recommend it with a clear conscience, as it has helped me significantly in the recovery of my injured shoulder joint. I believe that our products will help you achieve better health and a more youthful appearance.

Certification of the National Institute of Public Health in Prague
Certifikáty o zdravotní bezpečnosti - STARTES