Bioactive collagen peptides
your partner on the road to beauty, health and movement

Lowest molecular weight of collagen peptides

Free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and odours

3-layer packaging to ensure long-term freshness and shelf life

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Startes® - Beauty and Youthfulness

Collagen peptides – 60 days pack

Less than 0,56 € per daily portion

Startes® - Tendons and Ligaments

Collagen peptides – 25 days pack

Less than 1 € per daily portion

Startes® - Joints and Cartilage

Collagen peptides – 20 to 40 days pack

Less than 0,63 € per daily portion for 40 days

Startes® collagen peptides have positive effects on the body and are backed up by independent studies. I recommend it to my patients and use it myself for joints and cartilage.

Doc. MUDr. Zdenek Volny - Startes® Hydrolyzovaný Kolagen - Krása a mladistvý vzhled 153G
Doc. MUDr. Zdeněk Volný
Dermatovenerologist (skin) and General Practitioner (GP)
Did you know that joint cartilage is made up of 70% protein collagen?
protein collagen in the cartilage of the joint 70%
According to a 2013 study, 4 weeks of VERISOL® supplementation increased collagen levels in the skin by up to 60%*.
concentration of collagen in the skin 60%

What our customers say

I am extremely satisfied with the collagen product. It has even exceeded my expectations. After just two weeks of using it, I could see the results on my skin. My hair started to grow thicker and stronger from the roots. New “baby hairs” started to grow on the sides of my head. I could see the results of the collagen not only on my hair and skin, but also on my back, which used to hurt – after the first month the pain was gone. The advantage of the products is that it is sufficient to add them to a drink, juice or smoothie, and the collagen is not smelled and the taste of the drink is not changed.

Silvia Pariskova, Hairdresser

I’m an amateur athlete – I do triathlon and that requires at least 3 hours of exercise a day. Swim for an hour in the morning, run/cycle/gym/stretch in the afternoon and work for 8 hours in between. As an active woman, I want to look beautiful and still young, but I can’t stop ageing, so I want to invest in my future beauty now and take a bioactive collagen peptide every day to help my skin. After about three months of using it myself, I noticed that my skin was more beautiful, more elastic and healthier to look at.

Zuzana Harčariková, Leasing Manager, Slovakia

I have always wanted to have long and strong nails. Unfortunately, they never grew to the size I wanted because they were brittle and fragile. Since taking Hydrolysed Collagen – Beauty and Youthfulness, my own nails are long, strong and shiny.

Aneta Drabová, Marketing Specialist